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   How it all began...


For Pat Walters, 2016 is a dream come true.  This is the year Pegasus Center, the therapeutic riding program she had held as a small light in a pocket close to her heart, became a reality. 


For decades, this reality stayed just a dream as other dates and experiences took priority –raising her special needs child and getting him through college, finding the courage to believe in herself and move on her own across the country, holding her family together as her children grieved their father for whom cancer had taken much too soon.  All the while, Pegasus Center shone as a small light in her pocket.


Ever since Pat's childhood, horses have been her guiding force, and through the years life's joy, sweat, and tears have been shared with them. Experiencing firsthand the power of this relationship, Pat began her own journey in therapeutic riding programs and later became certified as a PATH Intl. instructor. As the years went on this light grew as Pat watched the positive transformation within both children and adults as they built relationships with the horses and each other. She knew that she would one day realize her dream to develop her own therapeutic center to continue helpings others through their own life challenges. Her goal was to help give back to the community in which she lived. She didn't know how she would start this and didn't want to do it by herself............ and then she met Isaac.

Isaac Allen had spent his horse career in the hunter/jumper world with the horse of his dreams, a Thoroughbred/Appaloosa cross. His horse brought him so much joy just to be around even when not riding. He knew that the presence of a horse in a person's life can help with many life challenges. He knew he wanted to develop a program that would bring joy and emotional help to people. His goal was to help give back to the community in which he lived. He didn't know how he would start this and didn't want to do it by himself.......and then he met Pat.



Together they have begun this journey, have taken the light out of Pat’s pocket and placed firmly on a torch in front of them to light the way. 

IMG_0077 (1).JPG

Pat and Trooper

           Isaac and Impala

              PATH International

           Ensuring excellence and changing lives through

                  equine-assisted activities and therapies

The purpose of PATH International Accreditation is to provide a process of evaluation that recognizes a center's program as meeting basic standards for health and safety to promote the well-being of all participants and equines.

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