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Services for teens and adults

Would you benefit from increased self-confidence?  


Would you like to discover new ways to use more effective coping skills? 


EAL is an unmounted program where the participant and horse work together as a team through activities designed with their personal goals in mind. 


We can build customized skill-based learning curriculum in a range of formats, including individual sessions, family sessions, and group lessons.


Common learning goals include improved coping skills, assertiveness skills, self-esteem, communication skills, relaxation skills and much more! 


Check out the Equine Assisted Learning page for more details about how to get started!

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Does your family or your teen participate in individual or family therapy?  Ask your therapist if you could have your therapy session at the Pegasus Center!  

In Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, participants work in a four-way partnership (with their personal outside therapist, the horse, and the EAP instructor) to work on individual/family mental health goals.


 In these sessions, specific activities are chosen with the goal of meeting the individual or family needs and goals.


Individuals and/or families must attend with their therapist. Depending on the therapist, group options may be available.


Visit the Equine Assisted Therapy page for more details! 


Recreational Riding


In Recreational riding, participants work with PATH certified equine professionals in mounted equine-based activities designed to build riding skills along with personal growth goals such as confidence, assertiveness skills, mindfulness, stress management and coping skills. 


We offer a range of options for this unique learning activity, such as individual riding sessions and vaulting classes. 


Additional specialized programs are available for individuals with disabilities.

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