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      Support our Horses

Ginger, Mustang Brandy,  Sparkle, and Cooper love to eat lots of hay. Won't you give them support to keep a smile on their faces and bellies full.

Support our Program!


Supplies!  Games!  Activities!  Our staff works hard at creating enriching programming for all of our clients.  Your support will allow us to purchase supplies such as helmets, therapy balls and games.  It also supports continuing education of our instructors to bring the best developments of new innovative activities and practices. We are always at the forefront of advanced therapeutic insight.


Give them their Wings

Give a Scholarship


Offer your support to a child or adult who can benefit from our programs that provide the unique opportunity to learn social skills using horses.


Why Donate?  The answer is simple. By giving to Pegasus Center, a PATH Intl. accredited center you're helping Lane County citizens each year find strength, independence and a renewed outlook on life through therapeutic horsemanship and equine assisted activities and therapies!


But why, exactly, is it so important - and so rewarding - to support our work that Pegasus Center does? The answer is simple: by giving to Pegasus Center you are helping many men, women and children facing physical, mental and emotional challenges to be able to gain a sense of pride and accomplishment through the work that we do at Pegasus Center. 

That's a huge impact in a lot of lives - and something that deserves your support.


PATH International Centers maintain the highest standards for safety, ethics, and effectiveness in the field of equine-assisted activities. 

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