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Equine Assisted Learning


What is Equine Assisted Learning? 


EAL is an unmounted program where the horse and person work together through activities chosen based on each person's individual goals.  EAL helps in building of personal development skills, while 'using horse sense'.  We offer both custom built programs (for both individuals and groups) as well as scheduled EAL classes.


Why use horses?

Horses don't judge. Horses primarily use non-vocal communication and are very sensitive to human behavior.  Working with horses allow participants to build essential life skills, such as self-awareness, confidence, trust, respect, communication, and patience.  For example, working with horses requires the participant to be aware of their surroundings, as well as the horses communication patterns, at all times, increasing both self and other awareness skills.  In addition, the ability to work as a team with such a large and powerful animal builds self-esteem and self-confidence.

We offer custom-built programs for both individuals and groups.  At your first meeting, our PATH certified Equine Learning Specialist will discuss your personal goals and offer a variety of learning options and class structures.


  Most participants choose a program that is between 4-8 weeks long, approximately 1-1/2 hour-long sessions a week, depending on personal goals and interests. 


The Equine Learning Specialist then designs a program specifically for your needs and learning goals, choosing from a wide range of engaging activities.

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Scheduled Classes

 Pegasus Center has developed a variety of fun, effective personal growth, and learning groups!  

 Women's Equine Empowerment! Come join us in building self-confidence and leadership skills in the company of other women and our wonderful horses! 

It's always an awesome day when Kelcie a

     Pegasus Center believes that everyone can discover their inner strengths.

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