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Horse Play Academy is designed to introduce students to the wonderful world of horses. We offer homeschool classes for ages 6-12, as well as our MovePlayRide program for preschool age children 3-5.


HorsePlay Foundation Courses:

Our foundational Horseplay course is the core of our Horse Play Academy curriculum. Classes meet once a week for 1.5 hours for a 10 week term. The first half is focused on learning about horses and their care, such as horse anatomy and grooming techniques. The second half is dedicated to a structured horse activity that can include ground work, riding or vaulting depending on the curriculum being taught that week. Fun games are used to reinforce learning. 


The foundational HorsePlay course is ongoing and we differentiate instruction within each class so that each student is given appropriate instruction and skill building at their own level.  There are 4 ten week terms per year.  Students are welcome to join a class mid-term for a prorated price as long as there is room available.



We embrace the home schooling philosophy by having students progress at their own pace with the focus on developing a solid foundation both physical and academic. Horse Play is a unique program that is designed to help students obtain goals and be rewarded for hard work. Our program utilizes many components of the the American Youth Horse Council curriculum. It also allows parents to be an active part of the students progress. Our mission at Pegasus Center is to 'discover your wings' and horsin around in Horse Play is an awesome way to do so.

"Come on out and horse around with us"

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