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Pegasus Center offers a range of services for all ages.

Horse Play Academy offers daytime homeschool classes. Our curriculum is designed to introduce students to the wonderful world of horses. Each foundational class is held for four consecutive weeks and lasts for 1.5 hours. The first half is in the "classroom" learning about horses and their care. The second half is dedicated to a structured horse activity that can include groundwork, riding or vaulting depending on the curriculum being taught that week. Fun games are used to reinforce learning.  We also have a preschool program especially designed for children ages 3-5, and a variety of additional academic and skill based classes offered each term.

In our  Equine Assisted Learning  (EAL) program, participants engage in a variety of activities in partnership with the horse and EAL instructor to meet personal goals such as improved coping skills, personal empowerment, and leadership skills.  We build custom classes, in individual or group formats, for children, families and adults.  In addition, we have programs specifically designed for cancer survivors, caretakers, at-risk youth and foster families. 

In Therapeutic Riding, participants work with PATH certified equine professional in mounted equine-based activities designed to build riding skills along with personal growth goals such as confidence, assertiveness skills, mindfulness, stress management and coping skills.  We offer a range of options for this unique learning activity, such as individual riding sessions and vaulting classes.  Additional specialized programs are available for individuals with disabilities.

By using equine-assisted activities in a fun and supportive environment individuals can discover the power that they hold within themselves.

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