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Breast Cancer Survivors

You may be wondering how horses can help breast cancer patients and survivors. A study by Cerulliet al. offers some answers. Researchers worked with women who had completed their breast cancer treatment and found that women who completed their equine program experienced both physical and psychological improvement. 

Image by Sarah Cervantes

It comes as no surprise that horses can offer physical and emotional support during the most trying times.  Unlike traditional, medical treatments and therapies, horses give patients an incomparable sense of empowerment. 

These benefits begin with a new setting. Outside of the medical setting, clients can live in the moment and focus on the present. 

Horses teach those who interact with them, trust and confidence. For breast cancer survivors, horses represent hope. They help put things in perspective and allow you to enjoy the moment. 

Pegasus Center offers you a calm and beautiful setting to interact with our Fell Pony, Trooper. We are located in the middle of a lovely vineyard surrounded by welcoming forested walking trails. 

We would love for you to come out and experience the power of the horse and nature. 

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Pegasus  Center

      "Discover Your Wings"

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